DISCLAIMER: Results may vary. Results are based on individual circumstances and correct application of product

Dr. Hair USA – 2nd Generation Hair Building Fiber

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LOOK YEARS YOUNGER IN AS LITTLE AS 60 SECONDS – Dr. Hair USA’s Second Generation Hair Fiber Makes Your Hair Look Fuller in Matter of Seconds without Expensive Hair Transplant or Surgery

100% CONFIDENCE IN YOUR HAIR, ONCE AGAIN – Dr. Hair USA is Confidence In A Bottle. It Gives You The Look Of That Youthful, Full Head Of Hair That You Were Once Proud & Confident In. No More Wondering if People are Staring at Your Thinning Hair or Bald Spot. 100% Complete Confidence.

SWEAT, RAIN, and WIND RESISTANT – Dr. Hair USA Hair Fiber Clings onto Your Hair Like Magnet, and Will Stay on in Most Situations, and Comes Off Easily with Shampoo During Shower.

#1 DOCTOR RECOMMENDED HAIR FIBER – Safe, Organic, and Non-Chemically Induced Dr. Hair USA Hair Fiber Uses Only Safe Gossypium Herbaceum Fiber. It is NOT Made with Ammonia or Formaldehyde Like Other Brands, Which Have Been Linked to Cancer and Other Skin Conditions.

GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEY – Get Full 27.5 Grams of Hair Fiber, Which Can Last Up to 1 Year, Depending on How Much You Use.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Don’t like it? Return it. No questions asked.


Available Colors

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Breakthrough in Hair Loss Concealing Technology

Made of natural, colored Keratin protein that is statically charged, Dr Hair USA Hair Fibers intertwine with your existing hair for a completely natural look. It resists wind, rain, and perspiration but removes easily with shampoo.


Dr. Hair USA Hair Building Fibers instantly give you the look of thicker, fuller hair. Our Hair Building Fibers are made of natural, colored Keratin Fibers that blend seamlessly into existing hair.

  • Made of natural, colored Herbaceum Keratin Fibers
  • Magnetized with static energy
  • Wind, rain and sweat resistant
  • Removes easily with shampoo
  • For all hair types and textures
  • For men and women
  • Clear bottle so you can see how much is left

Dr. Hair USA Hair Building Fibers has given millions of men and women the look and confidence of a full, thick head of hair and a more youthful appearance.


Before & After Pictures

DISCLAIMER: Results may vary. Results are based on individual circumstances and correct application of product


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Q: What is Dr. Hair USA hair fiber?

In short, Dr. Hair USA is confidence in a bottle. It gives you the look of that youthful, full head of hair that you were once proud & confident in, in seconds.

For the longest time, victims of hair loss, had few available choices on how to deal with this problem. Some people opt for hair grafting techniques, but these are expensive and not covered by insurance.

If the hair loss is gradual, some try to use of topical hair growth formulas like minoxidil. These products have proven helpful for some, but, unfortunately, only work as long as you continue to apply them.

Keratin Hair Fibers is a fast and reliable solution for bald spots and hair loss by instantly giving you the hair a fuller appearance.

The reason that Keratin Hair Fibers works is that it is made with natural-colored, vitamin-enriched fibers that have a negative electrical charge which allows them to naturally cling to the positive charge of hair.


  • When you sprinkle the hair fiber on the thinning area of your hair, the fibers automatically cling to your hair like millions of tiny magnets making each strand of hair instantly becomes thicker and fuller. Once the fibers adhere to your natural hair they stay in place until the next time you shampoo. Go about your day with confidence, hair fiber will leave you worry-free about those embarrassing thinning areas.
  •  It will neither irritate nor harm your skin or hair.
  • You will love the quick results of  hair fiber as they give you a natural, thicker looking head of hair that will last from day to night.

Hair building  fibers (or sometimes known as hair filler fibers) are a completely different approach to building thicker hair while immediately providing the illusion of the same. They are electrostatically charged fibers made from different materials. The higher quality ones are made of natural fibers.

You apply the fibers by sprinkling them over thinning areas of hair, tapping them down upon the scalp with your fingers. The fibers cling to the existing hair and scalp and can be “settled” with a light application of hair spray. The hair filler fibers bind to individual hair shafts, making each strand of hair appear thicker.

They will not brush out or blow off in the wind, but will provide a natural looking scalp cover and hair filler until your next shampoo, when they wash completely away.


Q: How Different is Dr. Hair USA?

Dr. Hair USA uses natural resinous gossypium herbaceum fibers and keratin. It contains no formaldehyde, ammonia based derivatives, or preservatives, so the fibers will not damage the hair, irritate the scalp, block the scalp pores, cause dandruff, or any kind of long/short term hair or scalp damage.

Dr. Hair USA has higher density & greater adsorption capability of static electricity, result shown as following:

Dr. Hair USA hair building fibers is lighter and thinner, with better dispensibility and stronger adsorption capability of static electricity. Result is greater capability to intertwine with hair to create better appearance of real human natal hair, as it bonds 80% more securely to existing hair. Notice the 100x microscopic view of the hair fibers as compared to our competitor brands.

Dr. Hair USA has greater color stability against fade. This experiment shows Dr. Hair fiber and competitors soaked in water for one week:


Q: Will Dr. Hair USA hair fiber work for me?

That’s a GREAT question – the most often asked, by the way.

Not everyone is a candidate for hair fibers. Here are some that are PERFECT for Dr. Hair USA hair fibers

Here’s a general rule: you need SOME hair on top of your head for Dr. Hair USA hair fibers to work.

Take a look at this male pattern baldness chart:


If you are in this category.. here’s what you can expect

  • 1 – Great fit. Recommended.
  • 2 – Great fit. Recommended.
  • 2a – Great fit. Recommended.
  • 3 – Great fit. Recommended.
  • 3a – Great fit. Recommended.
  • 3 vertex  – Great fit. Recommended.
  • 4 – Great fit. Recommended.
  • 4a / 5 – Great fit. Recommended.
  • 5a / 6 / 7 – Not recommended

Remember these are rough guidelines, and it all depends on your hair quality.


Q: How do I apply hair fiber?

  • Make sure you dry your hair. Style as usual.
  • Shake Dr Hair USA onto your thinning areas, as if you were shaking grated cheese onto a bowl of pasta.
  • If necessary,  you can gently pat the applied area to disperse the product. If you want more natural look, feel free to skip this step.
  • To create more natural look, comb or brush your hair around the area where you applied Dr.Hair.
  • If you want more “sturdy” fiber, apply a bit of hair spray to lock down the fibers onto your hair

Make sure you have mirrors positioned in such a way that you can see the areas you are applying the fibers on.

Here’s a video from one of our regular customers (who also happens to be a doctor).


Q: How is Dr. Hair USA different from other brands?

Dr Hair USA uses natural herbaceum (cotton fiber), not chemically laced plastic based fibers.

Some hair fiber brands can cause scalp irritations.

Other brands are known to use ammonia and formaldehyde derivatives, which have been linked to cancer and other skin diseases.

Would you use, or even recommend to a friend, products that contain harmful chemical laced products?

Probably not.


(Reference our MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet)

Dr. Hair USA hair fibers are made from Moroccan gossypium herbaceum, or regular cotton fiber.

100% organic, and never laced with known harmful chemicals.

In fact, even the electrostatisticity is far superior to the other brands, which gives the fibers greater “cling” without sacrificing the “voluminous” hair look.

Even its water & sweat resistance is much much superior to our low priced, low quality competitors.


Q: What if I don’t like the product?


Don’t like Dr. Hair USA?

Return it and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

(Refer to our refund policy page for full details)


Q: Does Dr. Hair USA come off in rain or if I sweat?

See the video here

Remember that is is hair fiber that attaches to your temporarily. So it will definitely come off lots of water (or sweat) is applied to it.

Unless you are in super heavy monsoon / thunderstorm where your scalp is directly facing in the direction of heavy water flow, Dr Hair USA hair fiber resists most light water flow.

We do not recommend that you use the hair fiber if you know that you’ll be in a situation where you are constantly sweating (like in gym, wearing a hat, or any condition that might cause sweat to collect & flow down your scalp).

Other than that, Dr Hair USA fiber will work in most social conditions


Q: How long does 1 bottle last?

It depends on how much use on daily basis, but for people with moderate thinning hair, it can last anywhere between 2 and 12 months.

Much shorter if you use more frequently, and less if you use sparingly.

Our customers have reported an average of 3-4 months.


Q: What colors are available for Dr.Hair USA?


We currently do not have other colors unfortunately. If you’d like us to carry new colors, please request which colors you want so that you can be notified when they are released.


Q: How long will it take to receive my bottle of Dr. Hair USA?

A: In US, we use standard US post office shipping. So it should take 2-4 business days.

In Asia, 1-2 days from day of order since we use Kerry Express so you can rest assure that you will receive the product as quickly as possible.


We’re Green!

New! Environmentally friendly bottle with 45% less packaging material.

604 reviews for Dr. Hair USA – 2nd Generation Hair Building Fiber

  1. Christine Cox (verified owner)

    It’s not my hair, but it helps conceal my hair thinning and loss

  2. Edward Smith (verified owner)

    Great product, it was given to me free by CARF and works well.

  3. Amber Smith (verified owner)

    Great. Im using it for years. The only problem is when is hot and the sweat running from your head become green .

  4. Kathleen Reilly (verified owner)

    Have been using this product for many years with excellent results. It obviously only can be effective of you still have some hair left on your head. I combine it with Couvre Masking lotion for best results

  5. Rachel Hall (verified owner)

    Dr. Hair is a good product that saved me from the embarrassment of going out in public with very sparse hair. The very fine fibers however go all over the place and is messy to clean up. Also, how does a person know when to order more? Surely not when it’s completely empty like I discovered this morning when I tried to use it while getting ready for church! I would highly recommend a see through container for people to know when to order more product. It’s very lightweight and therefore impossible to guess or know for sure.

  6. Larry Gilmore Jr. (verified owner)

    This is an instant relief for thining hair.It’s easy to apply and doesn’t stain clothes

  7. Sharon Clark (verified owner)

    Great product!

  8. Joe Reynolds (verified owner)

    I don’t yet have significant balding, but enough, and it did the trick.Friends and family said it looked good, not noticeable.No residue on clothing and pillows, although when applying, you do have to be concerned about getting it exactly where needed.Will continue using.

  9. George Strong (verified owner)

    I am so grateful for this product. I am in my early 40’s and thinning at my crown so this stuff is great. It makes my pixie cut look fuller and conceals my scalp. The downside is it needs to be reapplied daily and it is very dull and does not work well with sheen or oil.

  10. Aaron Weeks (verified owner)

    I’ve always been curious about this stuff, since I have been losing my hair for about 25 years now. I never bought any because of the price, and, I am not all that self conscious about my balding anyway. However when a good friend of mine got some for his thinning hair I was so impressed by how it good it looked that I begged him to let me use it just once. The color wasn’t exactly right but that didn’t matter since it was only a test… Unfortunately I have to say that even though it worked very well on my friends hair that is only thinning, it was a total bomb for me who has a real beach head coming in on the top. Quite simply, one has to pay very close attention to the description of how this stuff says it works. It clearly states that it needs or works by bonding with your existing hair. If you have either no, or hardly any existing hair, it just comes out looking like a lot of very homely fuzzy stuff. I tried it all over the top of my head and it simply stuck to it, and then ended up looking like some kind of very short, fuzzy, sparsely covered type dog hair. Very ugly and fake looking and not at all worth the price or the bother for sure….As for how it worked for my friend I have nothing but praise. It was amazing the way it blended in and stuck to what thinning hair he had and combed out looking completely natural. If you really want to see how this stuff looks in use, type the name of it into google and go to videos. There are several online that depict a true demonstration of how good this stuff works on thinning hair. Even on very thinning hair. But not a one I found showed someone with a real Dr. Phil look, or even just a completely bare bald spot. Without some minimal hair to cling to you are like me, fresh out of luck and too late. If my hair was only thinning I would consider the hefty price of this worth it I believe. Just remember for the truly bald, its a bust…In conclusion, I decided to take off one star on the rating simply because I feel that despite this working very well on thinning hair, I believe that the description should more forcefully state that its not for bald heads. I don’t think it does clearly enough to satisfy me. Not even the manufacturers web site that has a more detailed description says anything about bald heads. Personally I feel that the majority of the negative reviews of it comes from those that are too far ahead with hair loss and just came out with a big fail on their part. It was with me for sure. Highly recommended only for those with thinning hair that this stuff can cling too, and that feel hiding it well is worth the price… : )

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